Matching Capital With Opportunity

Strategic Opportunity REIT

Pacific Oak Strategic Opportunity REIT is a non-traded Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that closed its initial public offering on November 20, 2012. On October 01, 2020 Pacific Oak Strategic Opportunity REIT II shareholders approved the merger into Pacific Oak Strategic Opportunity REIT. This REIT was designed to capitalize on the dislocation, lack of liquidity, and government intervention that exists in the commercial real estate markets by acquiring a diverse portfolio of opportunistic investments in discounted debt and distressed equity assets. The goal of Pacific Oak Strategic Opportunity REIT is to provide stockholders attractive total returns through the purchase of non-performing loans at favorable prices and real estate from distressed sellers who are unable to come up with the capital to re-size maturing loans in the face of a reduced capital supply and tighter lending standards.

(1) Shares of Strategic Opportunity REIT are subject to risks. These risks may include changes in real estate value and other investments, changes in tax laws, impacts of COVID-19 or other pandemics, lack of liquidity due to no public market. See filings with the SEC for more information.

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